Illegal Apartments and Traffic Concerns

Peter and I have walked around much of the district and one particular issue that overwhelmingly effects the Cove is the case of illegal apartments. The issue with these apartments is they are not up to safety standards and add congestion on many of the streets in the area, because there is little no parking for the added residents.

I do not begrudge anyone who has taken the opportunity to get affordable housing in the city, but the issue of safety is a huge concern. These buildings usually only have one point of egress, and pay less in property taxes due to them being zoned as single family homes.

The issue of zoning in this city is a recurring theme, with only one current zoning inspector we can not keep up with the growing population and development of the city. As of right now the city considers a minimum income of over $60,000 as the benchmark for what is considered affordable housing. This leaves a huge chunk of working class citizens unable to get safe, affordable housing.

Stamford is not the first city to face a housing crisis related to illegal apartments and lack of affordable housing. Many cities in Long Island have dealt with similar problems in a variety of ways, whether it be providing zoning amnesty to apartments as long as they show good faith in bringing their buildings up to code or encouraging development of buildings that are affordable for the bulk of residents.